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At OrganizaTuCamino, we not only see St. James’ Way as a pilgrimage from one part of Spain to another, but we see it as a unique and real opportunity to experience and overcome personal barriers as well as other difficulties; a door that opens up to different avenues for everyone who decides to undertake it, partially or completely.
It is not necessary to do the whole pilgrimage in order to get the full experience, though it is recommended.
For some, St. James’ Way is merely an experience at one point or another in their lives; but for others, it becomes a way of life.
St. James’ Way has been known to leave a mark on its travellers and many of them, upon completing the Way, become involved in it to one extent or another and sometimes these connections can last a lifetime. Many people return to spend time as volunteers in hostels and shelters, helping to care for new travellers in the same way they were cared for on their initial journeys, dedicating part of their free time to living the journey from the other side. St. James’ Way opens your mind to a different way of life. Many different people make attempts at St. James’ Way; there is no age, nationality or cultural barrier on the Way and every year, thousands come to Spain to experience St. James’ Way for themselves.
You are about to embark on a journey, an adventure that may not only change your life, but change the way you see life as well.
It makes no difference if you begin your journey alone or as a part of a group; through the different stages and outposts, you will encounter plenty of people who, like you, have decided to take on the challenge of St. James’ Way.

Throughout your journey, you will get to know different people and live many unique experiences unlike anywhere else in the world. The Way is yours to discover.

A Way to meet yourself, a Way to feel free, a Way to live. The Way of St James.


When planning your pilgrimage, you should ask yourself the following questions:

Will you take on the entire pilgrimage or only a part thereof?
How will you undertake the task of planning your Way?
How many days do you have to complete your Way?
When will you arrive? When will you go back?
What will be your starting point on the Way?
Where will you finish your Way? End point.
How many people will come?

We can help you to answer all of these questions and more - we offer a personalised and friendly approach to your trip and can help to organise your travels from beginning to end.


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