Way of St James


Since the day that the tomb of St. James appeared at Compostela in the ninth century, the Way of St James has become one of the most important pilgrimages in modern times. Thousands of pilgrims, moved by their faith to reach Santiago from many different parts of Europe, undertook the Way and through centuries of travel, people have left their artistic, cultural and economic mark on the trails which make up the Way of St. James.
The last quarter century has brought forth a rebirth in the popularity of the Way and today, thousands of people undertake the trails each year.
In 1993, the Way of St. James was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the Spanish people take great pride in protecting the natural beauty of the sites along the Way.

The Way of St James is a pilgrimage whose traditional purpose has been to visit the remains of the apostle of St James who, according to tradition, lies in the Galician capital of Santiago de Compostela. However, not all of the people who undertake the Way do so for religious reasons; indeed, many people do it for spiritual or personal reasons and others undertake it for the active nature of the walk and to experience all the culture and beauty that Spain has to offer. The Way of St James is considered one of the best trails in the world, not only for its infrastructure, but for its beauty, landscapes, gastronomy and culture. All of these factors, combined with your desire to undertake the Way, make this a unique experience and a trip to remember!



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